Here you can find my publications listed chronologically (they are also listed on the field and lab research pages, by topic. You can also find a comprehensive list on my CV.



Iovita, R. and K. Sano (Eds.) Multidisciplinary approaches to the study of Stone Age weaponry, Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology, Springer, Dordrecht.

Iovita, R. P. Ontogenetic scaling in stone tools and its application to European Middle Paleolithic systematics. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses. LINK

Peer-Reviewed Articles

2016/in press
Iovita, R. and K. Sano “15 years since Knecht: advances in the study of Stone Age weapons” In Multidisciplinary approaches to the study of Stone Age weaponry, R. Iovita and K. Sano (Eds.), Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology, Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 289-297. doi:10.1007/978-94-017-7602-8_20

Iovita, R., H. Schönekeß, S. Gaudzinski-Windheuser, and F. Jäger “Identifying weapon delivery systems using macrofracture analysis and fracture propagation velocity: a controlled experiment.” In Multidisciplinary approaches to the study of Stone Age weaponry, R. Iovita and K. Sano (Eds.), Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology, Springer, Dordrecht, pp. 13-27. doi:10.1007/978-94-017-7602-8_2

Dobos, A. and R. Iovita. “The Lower Paleolithic of Romania revisited: new evidence from the site of Dealul Guran.” In Paleoanthropology at the Gates of Europe, K. Harvati and M. Roksandic (Eds.), Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology, Springer.

Doboș, A. and R. Iovita “La première colonisation préhistorique de la région du Nord du Danube.” In Identités culturelles et systèmes techniques au Paléolithique ancien: quelle actualité?, R. Rocca, L. De Weyer, B. Chevrier, and E. Nicoud (Eds). @rchéo-éditions, Paris.


Pfleging J, Stücheli M, Iovita R, Buchli J. Dynamic Monitoring Reveals Motor Task Characteristics in Prehistoric Technical Gestures. PLoS ONE 10(8): e0134570. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0134570

Doboș, A. and R. Iovita. Paleoliticul inferior din România: o reevaluare din per- spectiva descoperirilor din situl Dealul Guran. Materiale și cercetări arheologice SN. XIX, 5–17.

Rolett, B. V., E. W. West, J. M. Sinton, R. Iovita. “Ancient East Polynesian voyaging spheres: new evidence from the Vitaria Adze Quarry (Rurutu, Austral Islands)” J. Archaeol. Sci. DOI PDF

Iovita, R.  “The role of edge angle maintenance in explaining technological variation in the production of Late Middle Paleolithic bifacial and unifacial tools.” Quatern Int. DOI PDF

Iovita, R., A. Dobos, K. E. Fitzsimmons, M. Probst, U. Hambach, M. Robu, M. Vlaicu, and A. Petculescu. “Geoarchaeological prospection in the loess steppe: preliminary results from the Lower Danube Survey for Paleolithic Sites (LoDanS)”. Quatern Int. DOI PDF

Iovita R., H. Schönekeß, S. Gaudzinski-Windheuser, and F. Jäger “Impact fracture patterns in exact replicas of Levallois points: the first results of a new controlled ballistic experimental protocol.” J Archaeol Sci. DOI PDF

Fitzsimmons, K. E., U. Hambach, D. Veres, R. Iovita. “The Campanian Ignimbrite eruption: new data on volcanic ash dispersal and its potential impact on human evolution”. PLoS ONE. HTML

Iovita, R., K. E. Fitzsimmons, A. Dobos, U. Hambach, A. Hilgers, and A. Zander. “Dealul Guran: evidence of Lower Paleolithic occupation of the southeast European loess steppe.” Antiquity 86(334): 973-989. PDF

Iovita, R. “Shape variation in Aterian tanged tools and the origins of projectile technology: a morphometric perspective on stone fool function.” PLoS One 6(12): e29029. HTML

Iovita, R. and S. P. McPherron “The handaxe reloaded: a morphometric reassessment of Acheulian and Middle Paleolithic handaxes.” J Hum Evol 61: 61-74. PDF

Rezek, Z., S. Lin, R. Iovita, and H. Dibble  “The relative effects of core surface morphology on flake shape and other attributes.” J Archaeol Sci 38 (6): 1346-1359. PDF

Iovita, R. P.
“Quantifying and comparing stone tool resharpening trajectories with the aid of Elliptical Fourier Analysis.” In New Perspectives on Old Stones: Analytical Approaches to Palaeolithic Technologies, S.J. Lycett and P. Chauhan (Eds.), pp. 235-253. Springer, Dordrecht. DOI PDF

Iovita, R. P.
“Ontogenetic scaling and lithic systematics: method and application.” J Archaeol Sci 36(7): 1447-1457. DOI PDF

Iovita, R. P. “Re-evaluating connections between the Early Upper Paleolithic of Northeast Africa and the Levant: technological differences between the Dabban and the Emiran.” In Transitions in Prehistory: Papers in Honor of Ofer Bar-Yosef, J. Shea and D. Lieberman (Eds.), pp. 125-142. Oxbow Books, Oxford. PDF

Dibble, H.L., U. A. Schurmans, R.P. Iovita, and M. McLaughlin (2005) “The measurement and interpretation of cortex in lithic assemblages.” Am Antiquity 70 (3): 545-560. JSTOR PDF

Iovita, R. P. and T. G. Schurr (2004) “Reconstructing the origins and migrations of diasporic
populations: the case of the European Gypsies.” Am Anthropol 106 (2): 267-281. DOI PDF


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