Welcome to my website! This is where I will post updates regarding my research and links to interesting events in the world of paleoanthropology and Pleistocene archaeology.

171671_795290883537_627034_42850570_1083105_o_400x400I am a paleoanthropologist and Paleolithic archaeologist, currently working in the Department of Anthropology at New York University and in the Department of Early Prehistory and Quaternary Ecology at the University of Tübingen. My research focuses on human dispersal and adaptation to environmental change in the semi-arid Eurasian loess steppe and on functional analysis of stone artifacts. I am currently developing an experimental use-wear research program, while at the same time leading a major survey and excavation field project in Kazakhstan (PALAEOSILKROAD). From 2010-2012, I led a different field project, in Romania.

A .pdf version of my CV can be found here. The CV was typed in XeTeX using a template from Dario Taraborelli.